A systematic quality management system
in which all executives and employees participate
Quality management & policy
Quality Management Goals
A quality-first policy to satisfy the demands of our customers
Realization of customer satisfaction through perfect construction
Environmental Management Goals
Establishing and implementing our goals for environmental improvement and pollution prevention step by step
Complying with the environmental laws and regulations based on our sense of responsibility
Minimizing the generation of elements causing environmental pollution through the effective use of energy and resources, as well as eco-friendly construction management
Safety/Health Management
Awaring the relationship between safety/health and the quality of life of human beings, and complying with the safety/health laws and regulations
Establishing and implementing continuous improvement and preventive activities to achieve our no-disaster goal by identifying and correcting any possible risk factors in advance
Fulfillment of Quality/environment/Safety/Health Policies
Compliance and continuous improvement activities of all executives and employees' quality / environment / safety / health policy
Improving business competitiveness with the reduction of failure costs through active participation and effort in Quality / Environment /Safety / Health Policies Management
Enhancement of our corporate image, to deserve the trust and love of our customers and society