Business Registration Certificate Of Business Registration (NO. 205-81-26341)
Construction Licenses
Electric Construction Business License(NO. Seoul-00007)
Fire Fighting Facility Construction Business License (NO. DONGDAEMUN 85-1)
ICT Permit (NO. 110507)
Overseas Construction Registration (No. 351)
System Integration Business Registration(NO. 2007-00882)
ISO Quality Environment Safety Certification
ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Certification)
ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Certification)
ISO 45001:2015 (Safety & Health Management Certification)
Medals & Commendations
Bronze Medal for Industrial Efforts (Electric Technology Development)
Presidential Commendation (Honest Tax Payment)
Commendation from the Director of National Tax Service (Honest Tax Payment)
Commendation from the Minister of Finance & Economy (Honest Tax Payment)
Seoul Architectural Prize (Gold) (Landscaping and Lighting Facilities in Building)
Commendation from the Korea Train Express Excellent Construction (Project Management, Quality Control)
Commendation from the Minister of Construction & Transportation (for the Honam Dual Line Railroad Project)
Agricultural Cooperatives Foundation
Recognition of Good Deeds from the Minister of Strategy & Finance (Honest Tax Payment)
Technology Advancement Contribution Award from the Korea Rail Network Authority
Excellent Business Award from the Korea Land and Housing Corporation, LH
Commendation from the Seoul Mayor (Contribution to local welfare)
Commendation from the Minister of Economy and Finance(Honest Tax Payment)